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West Virginia

Lincoln County Commission’s Green Wastewater Projects

Left Fork Watershed of the Mud River


A Decade of Cooperative Efforts

 by Lincoln County Commission ~ US EPA ~ WV DEP ~ WV DHHR


Community Criteria for Developing Candidate Sites for

Getting Alternative Sewage Treatment Unit



Possible Points

Homeowner Points

low income status



high e. coli level in creek

    over acceptable limits some of the time           10 points

     over acceptable limits at least 30% of time     15 points

     over acceptable limits at least 50% of time     20 points

     over acceptable limits at least 70% of time     25 points




number of people the new system would serve

    3 points for every person living in the house up to 21 points    



participation in community meetings

     attended at least 10% of meetings  5  points

     attended at least 30% of meetings  10 points

     attended at least 50% of meetings  12 points

     attended at least 60% of meetings  15 points




early sign up to agree to put in a system



willing to contribute financially to installation costs

     contribute at least $50       1 point

     contribute at least $100     2  points

     contribute at least $250     3 points

     contribute at least $500     5 points




Total Points




Other things would also play into deciding who gets a system including recommendations from our engineering and sewage partners, additional water quality information, government agency rules (historic preservation, archeological sites, clean water act), homeowner’s ok of system & maintenance.