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Lincoln County Commission’s Green Wastewater Projects

Left Fork Watershed of the Mud River


A Decade of Cooperative Efforts

 by Lincoln County Commission ~ US EPA ~ WV DEP ~ WV DHHR

Historical Listing of All Installations

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Homeowner  NPDES  Phase  Maintenance Provider Float / Transducer Physical Address Technology  
Adkins, Archie WVG415080 5 McVay T 2614 Bulger Anua Peat  
Adkins, Beverly WVG414779 4 Lyle Clark T 15 Left Fork Anua Peat  
Adkins, Brenda  WVG414435 2 Lyle Clark T 15 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Adkins, Brenda (rental) WVG415078 5 McVay T 115 Frank Fork Anua Peat  
Adkins, Charles (Larry) WVG415085 5 McVay T 111 Frank Fork Anua Peat  
Adkins, Jackie WVG415079 5 McVay T 53 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Adkins, James  WVG414273  2 Lyle Clark T 300 Wolf Branch Anua Peat  
Adkins, Pearl WVG414243  1 Lyle Clark F 73 House  Anua Peat  
Adkins, Raymond - Rental  WVG414129  1 Lyle Clark T 39 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Adkins, Raymond & Freda  WVG414280 2 Lyle Clark T 60 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Adkins, Scotty WVG414266 2 Lyle Clark T 73 House  Anua Peat  
Adkins, Shannon & Michelle WVG415084 5 McVay T 2774 Bulger Anua Peat  
Atkins, Chris (Emma Miller) WVG415200 5 Tim Davis T 1394 Bulger Orenco  
Bailey, Kenneth WVG413813  1 Lyle Clark F 299 Flat Creek SAND  
Billups, Clayton  WVG414482  3 Lyle Clark T 199 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Billups, Steven WVG414777 4 Lyle Clark T 172 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Bowman, Andrea WVG414481 3 Lyle Clark T 9 Left Fork Anua Peat  
Bowman, Charles WVG414264 2 Lyle Clark T 80 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Bragg, Derrick WVG414776 4 Lyle Clark T 14 Stinson Anua Peat vacant
Campbell, Chris WVG414230 1 Lyle Clark F 1421 Bulger Anua Peat  
Canterberry, Teddy  WVG414480  3 Lyle Clark T 21 Canterberry Ln Anua Peat  
Cantley, Phil WVG414774 4 Lyle Clark T 4 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Clark, Dannie WVG413858 1 McVay T 50 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
Clark, Harold Doug WVG414479  3 Lyle Clark T 106 Clark Ln Anua Peat  
Clark, Janet WVG413998 1 Tim Davis T 64  Bark Camp Orenco  
Clark, Lyle & Norma  WVG413915 1 Lyle Clark F 10 Clark Ln SAND  
Clark, Randy WVG414279 2 McVay T 102 Clark Ln Anua Peat  
Clark, Rocky (Vicky) WVG415083 5 McVay T 41 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
Clark, Victor WVG414022  2 Lyle Clark F 1654 Bulger SAND  
Clay, Dallas & Lillian  WVG413859 1 Lyle Clark F 2053 Bulger Anua Peat  
Clay, Obed (Willie Clay) WVG413857 2 McVay T 2061 Bulger Anua Peat  
Collins, Danny #1 (Rental) WVG413917  1 Lyle Clark F 31 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
Collins, Danny #2 (Home) WVG414954 4 Lyle Clark T 37 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
Connolly, Shirley WVG414262  2 Lyle Clark T 1670 Bulger Anua Peat  
Cooper,  Gary Jr. WVG414229  1 Lyle Clark T 9 House Rd Anua Peat  
Cooper, Birdia & Gary  WVG414231  1 Lyle Clark T 9 House Rd Anua Peat  
Cooper, Rodney  WVG414278 2 Lyle Clark T 308 Left Fork Anua Peat  
Curry, Gary WVG414270 2 Lyle Clark T 82 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
Curry, Gary Lee WVG414780 4 Lyle Clark T 19 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
Davis, Brenda & Gary  WVG414271  2 Lyle Clark T 2013 Bulger Anua Peat  
Esque, James WVG415082 5 McVay T 11 Frank Fork Anua Peat  
Hager, Billy Sr.  WVG414473 3 Lyle Clark T 2021 Bulger Anua Peat  
Hager, Bonnie WVG414128 1 Lyle Clark F 33 House Eco Peat  
Hager, Edna  WVG414476 3 Lyle Clark T 1725 Bulger Anua Peat  
Hager, Gary WVG414272  2 Lyle Clark T 2017 Bulger Anua Peat  
Hager, Lee  WVG414493  3 Lyle Clark T 68 Dog Bone Anua Peat  
Hager, Mary WVG414277 2 Lyle Clark T 1921 Bulger Anua Peat  
Hager, Richard  WVG414492 3 Lyle Clark T 54 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Hasen, Mark  WVG414472 3 Lyle Clark T 1353 Bulger Anua Peat  
Hess, Steve & Barb WVG414265  2 Lyle Clark T 515 Left Fork Anua Peat  
Hinkle, Sandra & Tommy  WVG414263  2 Lyle Clark T 350 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
Huffman, Sherri  WVG414471  3 Lyle Clark T 391 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
Igo, Beverly WVG415097 5 Tim Davis T 87 Bark Camp Orenco  
Kayfes, Glema WVG414997 4 Lyle Clark T 6 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Kish, James, Trina WVG415094 5 McVay T 41 Jordan Lane HAU  
Lilly, Krystle  WVG414490 3 Lyle Clark T 1355 Bulger Anua Peat  
Lovejoy, Thomas, Crystal WVG414781 4 Lyle Clark T 385 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
McClure, Barb WVG414782 4 Lyle Clark T 1385 Bulger Anua Peat  
McClure, Stacie & Benjamin WVG414127 1 Lyle Clark F 42 Dogbone Eco Peat  
Miller, Louellen WVG414693 3 Lyle Clark T 69 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
Miller, Ricky WVG415077 5 McVay T 3105 Bulger Anua Peat  
Miller. Terry WVG415081 5 McVay T 3153 Bulger Anua Peat  
Miller. Valerie WVG415088 5 Davis T 2862 Bulger Orenco  
Pauley, Ronald  WVG414267 2 Lyle Clark T 137 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
Roberts, Maxel  WVG414491 3 Lyle Clark T 379 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
Saddler, Joy  WVG414488 3 Lyle Clark T 148 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Salmons, William WVG414268  2 Lyle Clark T 5 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
Smith, Kathy & Erman WVG414269 2 Lyle Clark T 2177 Bulger Anua Peat  
Tudor, Lawrence Jr. WVG414233 1 Lyle Clark F 40 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Walls, Jimmy WVG414020  1 Lyle Clark F 58 Bark Camp SAND  
Walls, Mark WVG414784 4 Lyle Clark T 222 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
Woodrum, Eric & Patty WVG413866 1 Lyle Clark F 1330 Bulger Quanics  
Total 72              
BOLD Paid up with Association        
Italics Phase 5 not in Association yet        
These 16 people have not paid Association dues, are no longer part of the Association and have no Maintenance Provider
Adkins, Dorothy Mary  WVG413860 1   F 310 Stinson Anua Peat  
Adkins, Mona, Dave WVG414484 3   T 150 Left Fork Anua Peat  
Adkins, Norvil WVG414778 4   T 68 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
Adkins, Tracy, Gail WVG412470 1   T 391 Bark Camp Anua Peat  
Adkins, Wayne WVG414483 3   T 5 Left Fork Anua Peat  
Dollen, James WVG414274 2   T 349 Elkins Br Anua Peat  
Elkins, Elizabeth  WVG414478  3   T      Dogbone Anua Peat  
Ferrell, Kevin & Melissa  WVG414477  3   T 145 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
Hager, Glenna  WVG414475  3   T 62 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Hager, Joshua WVG414783 4   T 43 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Hager, Tim WVG414775 4   T 549 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
Justice, Randy, Tiffany WVG414470 3   T 2045 Bulger Anua Peat  
McQuillan, Grace  WVG414489 3   T 171 Dogbone Anua Peat  
Pauley, Larry WVG414275  2   T 112 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
Terry, Timmy WVG414487 3   T 120 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
Willaims, Shelby WVG414276 2   T 67 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
  Homes Which Got Systems But Refused to Be Involved    
Adkins, Beecher & Judy WVG413913 1     64 Flat Creek Eco Peat  
Watkins, Vicki WVG413933 1     123 Dogbone Anua Peat  
4 Homes Now Abandonned
Adkins, Glenna WVG414548 3     Left Fork Anua Peat  
Hager, Jerry, Natisha WVG414474 3     1737 Bulger Anua Peat  
Young, Lisa WVG414486 3     118 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
Woodrum, Eric Jr. WVG413866 1     1330 Bulger Quanics Tied to father's system
These 14 people have inground systems are do not need permits because they have inground systems
Adkins, Diane Inground 1 Assoc Member F 22 Wolf Branch Anua Peat  
Adkins, Gary Dwight Inground 4 Assoc Member T 1938 Bulger Drip  
Adkins, Kenneth & Linda  Inground 1 Assoc Member F 51 Flat Creek Microfast  
Adkins, Michael, Susie Inground 4 NO T 298 Wolf Branch LPP  
Bias, Darlene Inground 4 Assoc Member T 57 Hager  Drip  
Bragg, KD Inground 4 Assoc Member T 270 Bragg Rd Drip  
Campbell, Carl Inground 1 NO F 1429 Bulger LPP  
Collins, Kenneth Inground 1 Assoc Member F 962 Left Fork Drip  
Elkins, Mickie & Tina  Inground 1 NO F 377 Gritter Fk HAU  
Lovejoy, Roger Inground 1 Assoc Member F 391 Bark Camp LPP  
Pauley, Tammy & Gene  Inground 1 NO F 381 Bark Camp Eljen  
Terry, Franklin Inground 1 Assoc Member F 130 Flat Creek Anua Peat  
White, Delmer Inground 1 Assoc Member F 50 Flat Creek Quanics  
White, Garry Inground 1 NO F 4 Bragg Rd LPP