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The Sheriff is responsible for litter control within Lincoln County. The litter control officer works to ensure litter regulations are enforced and violaters are held accountable for their actions. Another function of the litter control officer is that of the humane officer, working to ensure that all animals are treated properly within Lincoln County.

The Sheriff provides some other non-law enforcement services. The Sheriff is responsible for Home Confinement and Courthouse Security the Sheriff has Protective Service officers to take care of these duties. The Sheriff also serves as the Conservator of incapacitated adults. The incapacitation may be of a physical or mental nature. The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources is appointed as the Guardian for these individuals. With regard to Conservatorships, the Sheriff's duties are fiduciary in nature.

Another non-law enforcement service that the Sheriff provides or coordinates is the Annual Christmas Toys For Tots program. Every christmas, the Sheriff's Office presents toys for tots, with the help of area businesses and individuals who contribute to this cause. If you would like to contribute to this program, please contact the Sheriff! The various fire departments in the county generally are the largest contributors to this program. Toys are distributed to needy children. The Sheriff's Office takes applications for this program beginning December 1 of each year. The child must be under 16 years old. If the child kids already are being helped in this way by DHHR or area churches or other groups, they are not eligible for this program. This program tries to identify needy children who have "slipped through the cracks" of other programs, so that no child is without a nice Christmas present. Santa Claus personally hands out the presents.

The Sheriff has other non-law enforcement duties and provides other services as required by law which are not summarized on this website.



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