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Probation Services

In addition to traditional probation services, presentence investigations and offender supervision, Lincoln County provides home incarceration programming, community service opportunities, a regional day report center, and victim services.

Probation Services is a unique office, in that, it is staffed with a combination of state and county employees. Probation Officers provide presentence investigation reports to the Circuit Court Judge prior to the imposition of sentence. The report contains information about the defendant’s background and is used by the Judge as a tool to aid in sentencing. Once a defendant is placed on probation the probation officer will review the terms and conditions of the probation and provide the offender with a copy. These are the rules by which the offender is expected to abide during his probation period. Should an offender violate one or more rules the probation officer MAY file a petition with the Court asking for the offender’s probation to be revoked. During the course of an offender’s supervised release, a probation officer will attempt to work with him or her in improving his or her life. Examples include requiring family or substance abuse counseling and obtaining a GED.

Chief Probation Officer Jerry L. Swanson, II is responsible for the overall operation of the probation office and he serves as the adult probation officer. Probation Officer Thomas Scarpellini works primarily with the juvenile population. Both are employed by the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.