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Family Court

10TH FAMILY COURT CIRCUIT - The Family Law Court is a court of LIMITED JURISDICTION, meaning that it hears only certain types of court cases. The Circuit Court of Lincoln County is a court of GENERAL JURISDICTION, meaning that it hears all types of court cases originating within Lincoln County, including appeals from special jurisdiction courts such as the Family Court or the Magistrate Court.

The 10th Family Court Circuit, comprised of Boone County and Lincoln County, is part of the West Virginia Court System. For a summary description of all of our State's courts, see the online article The West Virginia Judicial System, published by the West Virginia State Supreme Court of Appeals.

For information all all of West Virginia's Family Court Judges, listed alphabetically and noting the County and Circuit, see Family Court Information on the Supreme Court website.

The Family Court Judge adjudicates all domestic relations matters, such as divorce, child support and custody, as provided by the West Virginia Code, Chapter 51, Article 2A.

Although the bulk of the Family Court Judge's jurisdiction is civil, the Family Court Judge also conducts all final hearings in domestic violence cases, which are criminal in nature.


Photo Unavailable - Family Court Judge - Scott Elswick
Ronald G. Salmons 

Family Court Judge

Photo Unavailable - Family Case Coordinator - Jewell Johnson
Melody Chandler
Family Case Coordinator


Phyllis Dempsey