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The Commission has many other duties imposed on it by the West Virginia Code and case law. It also has discretionary powers to implement certain programs.

Some discretionary duties of a county commission include the following:

  • Create and fund a hazardous material accident response program;
  • Purchase, install and maintain photocopying and microfilming equipment;
  • Establish an emergency communications system, or 9-1-1, including assessing fees to operate and maintain this system
  • Provide for and assist fire prevention services, including providing funding for volunteer fire departments;
  • Establish employee wage and benefits review boards;
  • Enter into a contract with one or more banking institutions doing business in the county for the purpose of receiving payment of any service fee authorized;
  • Adopt ordinances regulating the repair, alteration or improvement, or the vacating and closing or removal or demolition, or any combination thereof, of any dwellings or other buildings, except for buildings utilized for farm purposes on land actually being used for farming, unfit for human habitation due to dilapidation, defects increasing the hazard of fire, accidents or other calamities, lack of ventilation, light or sanitary facilities or any other conditions prevailing in any dwelling or building, whether used for human habiation or not, which would cause the dwellings or other buildings to be unsafe, unsanitary, dangerous or detrimental to the public safety or welfare whether the result of natural or man-made force or effect.

In addition to all other powers and duties not conferred by law upon county courts, such courts are hereby empowered to acquire, by urchase, right of eminent domain, lease, gift, or otherwise, and to operate and maintain, sewerage systems and sewage treatment plants, and to pay the cost of operation and maintenance thereof out of a special fund to be derived from sewerage service fees paid by the users of such sewerage system or sewage treatment plant: Provided, however, that the power and authority hereby conferred on county courts shall not extend into therritory within the boundaries of any municipal corporation, sanitary district or public service district.

  • The County Commission may enter into and execute a lease agreement to obtain equipment or material;
  • Upon the verified application of any landowner whose land abuts on any unused road, street, or other travel way designated on any map or plat of a subdivision of land or otherwise within such county but outside of incorporated towns or cities thereof, is hereby authorized to close and vacate any part or all of any such unused road, street or other designated travel way by order entered of record after hearing as hereinafter provided (a strict notice and hearing procedure must be followed before the Commission will close any road);
  • Establish a county coordinating council for the purpose of coordinating county improvement programs with state and federal programs designed for this purpose;
  • Lease, rent or to permit the use of county-owned buildings, lands and other properties or any portion thereof by nonprofit organizations, including providing meeting places, service outlets and operational headquarters for organizations established within the county, and the Commission may charge for providing these services.