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Lincoln County Portal

West Virginia

Contributions to County organizations have been very cumbersome due to a lack of policy. I propose cutting our contributions back to 100K this year. When these funds have been given away there will be no more contributions made.

  1. County organizations will have access to 60K of matching funds which will be divided up equally among the three districts.
  2. Each district will get 20K to match contributions. 10K of matching money will be distributed in the Fall and 10K of the matching money will be distributed in the Spring.
  3. With a maximum match of 1K per request.

Lincoln County Schools

  1. 40K of additional matching funds will be designated specifically for the Lincoln County School System.
  2. 20K will be distributed in the fall and 20K will be distributed in the spring.
  3. All contributions will be matching contributions.

Application Process

  1. The Commission will take requests twice a year
  2. Starting June 1st through July 31st with a notice of award at the end of August.
  3. And again Dec 1st through Jan 31st with a notice of award at the end of February.
  4. This schedule will be advertised in the local paper and on the County Commission Website.
  5. The Commission will limit consecutive year contributions.
  6. Anyone asking for matching funds from the Commission will need to send in the necessary documentation for consideration.

Suggestion for documentation:

  1. A copy of the state certification listing the nonprofit information.
  2. Letterhead for government entity if applicable.
  3. Contact information of the responsible party.
  4. A statement of need detailing how the funds will be put to use.


  1. Documentation showing any fundraising activity or other government contributions that have been received.
  2. The specific amount of money to be matched.
  3. A recent financial statement or financial records.

We also reserve the right to match grants obtained by our delegates or senators.

In order to be eligible for matching contributions, all requests must be mailed to the courthouse within the timeframe set by the commission.