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Lincoln County Portal

West Virginia

County Clerk

The County Clerk serves as the clerk of the County Commission. The County Clerk is charged with keeping all official records, orders and minutes of all proceedings conducted by the County Commission. The County Clerk also is charged with keeping all other documents and records generated by the County Commission in carrying out its duties. Also, the County Clerk must record and keep a record of all other legal documents that meet the state guidelines for recordation.


To learn more about these documents and guidelines, please read WV Code §39-1-2 through §39-1-3.


Services provided by the County Clerk are:


  • Marriage License - $56.00 (without counseling ) 
  • Birth Certificate - $5.00
  • Death Certificate - $5.00
  • Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate - $5.00 
  • Probate Estates
    • With Will must be original document
    • Without Will estate bond is required 
  • Recorded deeds and other instruments of record
  • Copies - All copies $1.50 for the first two pages and $1.00 each additional page
  • Certified Copies - $2.50 per page 
  • Payroll Clerk for county government
  • Pays county government bills
  • Chief Election Official for county elections