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West Virginia

Circuit Clerk

The Office of the Lincoln County Circuit Clerk is charged with keeping records of every lawsuit filed in circuit court, whether the legal action is Criminal or Civil in nature.

Whether the action is criminal or civil in nature, the Circuit Clerk is responsible for keeping track of the enforcement of the order of the Court, including all fines, penalties, judgments, verdicts, and so forth. The Circuit Clerk maintains a set of books for this purpose. The Circuit Clerk files all court orders, as well as all other records and documents contained in all lawsuits, in permanent record books.

The Circuit Clerk's records date back to about 1920, shortly after the Courthouse burned, and it will maintain those records, and all new ones, for all posterity. The Staff of the Circuit Clerk can assist you in finding out about any lawsuit in which you have some legitimate interest, whether it is ongoing litigation or 90 years old! Admittedly, some of the very old records are sketchy, due at least in part to the various practices over time.