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Lincoln County Portal

West Virginia



On behalf of Lincoln County government offices and officials, serving as representatives of the people of Lincoln County, I personally welcome you to the Lincoln County Website with the same warm manner and professional attitude that we would welcome you to the Lincoln County Courthouse or any other location in Lincoln County.


Our courthouse and website belong to the people. As envisioned by our forefathers when framing our representative democracy form of government (a government by the people and for the people), we will provide this website in the best manner possible for the people. Our goal is that each of you will be able to use or find the necessary information that will be helpful to you and enhance your information research, communication, and interaction with government offices and officials. Our mission is to constantly strive to improve and enhance Lincoln County governmental operations, and conduct the business of the people more efficiently.


As we extend our welcome to our website, we also welcome comments that may assist us in serving you. We hope you find this website useful and enjoyable.


Maria "Phoebe" Harless, President
Lincoln County Commission